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Corpse Flower - Script / Screenplay
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Corpse Flower – Script / Screenplay

After a brutal home invasion, a determined mother must go head-to-head with a sadistic plastic surgeon in order to save her abducted little girl...
2080 - Script / Screenplay
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2080 – Script / Screenplay

A futuristic sci-fi adventure revolving around time travel! Synopsis: Have you ever decided to write a note to be kept for the future and only...
Clarity of deception - Script / Screenplay
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Deceptive Clarity (Clarity of Deception Version 2) – Script / Screenplay

Bernard Drive, a hotshot lawyer is unaware the women who are being murdered with a large portion of flesh removed from the right side...
Le troisième frère (The Third Brother) - Script / Screenplay
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Le troisième frère (The Third Brother) scénario

Le manteau de silence couvrant un secret de famille conduit au drame Charles découvre que son petit frère Ludo, disparu depuis 15 ans, habite en...
"Sunstorm" Screenplay
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“Sunstorm” Screenplay

A small time smuggler lands a high priced contract but is hunted by a superhuman assassin intent on stopping him from delivering a device...
Doppelganger - Script / Screenplay
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Doppelganger – Script / Screenplay

When murder gets real- fiction takes over! A writer of a seedy private-eye t.v. series- plagued by the appearance of his main fictional creation(only he...

Le concours s’arrête, pas le cinéma

C’est avec tristesse que nous annonçons la fermeture du concours Boostyour15pages, sans avoir pu aller jusqu’au bout de cette aventure avec vous. Nous avons...