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Soulful conversation - Script / Screenplay
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Soulful conversation – Script / Screenplay

An unusual dealer involves a young couple in a strange deal. Synopsis: A non-religious woman regards with humor an unexpected offer to sell her husband's...
Rainstorm - Script / Screenplay
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Rainstorm – Script / Screenplay

A heart wrenching inter racial love story between a young white Australian girl and an Indian orphan. The drama unfolds in Fiji in a Catholic...
Texas Roundup - Script / Screenplay
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Texas Roundup – Script / Screenplay

A young Texan prosecutor hires a sheriff from the past to fix a problem for the future... EXCERPT: Sheriff (35, rough looking ) goes straight...
Doppelganger - Script / Screenplay
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Doppelganger – Script / Screenplay

When murder gets real- fiction takes over! A writer of a seedy private-eye t.v. series- plagued by the appearance of his main fictional creation(only he...
The Singing Tree - Script / Screenplay
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The Singing Tree – Script / Screenplay

A tree that grows through a broken window keeps a man tied to his sordid past. A prank phone call causes civilian railway stationmaster Kurt...
Clarity of deception - Script / Screenplay
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Clarity of deception – Script / Screenplay

“Your past finds a way to creep up on you.” A lesson Bernard Drive, the best lawyer in the county of Harper Woods, Michigan...

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