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"Another Tomorrow" - Script / Screenplay
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“Another Tomorrow” – Script / Screenplay

After a failed night out trying to get women with his best friend, Dave Reese wakes up and finds a dead body in his...
Adult Stem Cells - Script / Screenplay
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Adult Stem Cells – Script / Screenplay

A man, 36, decides to show his love for his deceased mother grafting her cells to always carry her. But the cells mutate ... Synopsis: David, decides...
My 24th Year - Script / Screenplay
51 0 0

My 24th Year – Script / Screenplay

Four friends going through their whole trials and tribulations in modern day London. ‘You need friends here. Some Friendships go through anything. Some through hell,...
2080 - Script / Screenplay
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2080 – Script / Screenplay

A futuristic sci-fi adventure revolving around time travel! Synopsis: Have you ever decided to write a note to be kept for the future and only...
Race To The Dragon's Den - Script / Screenplay
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Race To The Dragon’s Den – Script / Screenplay

After surviving a plane crash in the harsh deserts of Iran, a U.S. Air Force pilot stumbles across the largest buried treasure in history. Synopsis:...
The Neighbor - Script / Screenplay
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The Neighbor – Script / Screenplay

The laws of the ten commandments are enforced, when Deacon Patrick Graves discovers his wife cheating, leading to a gruesome murder. He goes on...