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Stealing Spielberg - Script / Screenplay
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Stealing Spielberg – Script / Screenplay

A prison inmate who happens to resembles Steven Spielberg spends 20 years behind bars studying the film director. Once released from prison, the felon...
The Blacc Rose Family - Script / Screenplay
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The Blacc Rose Family – Script / Screenplay

“Nothing should ever place fear in you.”, is the motto of ruthless drug king Blu rose. On the night of a drug deal, he...
Breadcrumbs - Script / Screenplay
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Breadcrumbs – Script / Screenplay

Alec, an aspiring writer, seeks to know more information about his sister's sudden death, when he finds out things aren't exactly how they seem. Alec,...
The President's Dick - Script / Screenplay
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The President’s Dick – Script / Screenplay

After assassinating a foreign leader, a Secret Service Agent must protect the American President from the wrath of a vengeful nine-year-old. Secret Service Agent Dick...
She Waits - Script / Screenplay
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She Waits – Script / Screenplay

A war vet recovering from PTSD suffers a setback when his salvage ship goes down in the Bermuda Triangle and he’s the only survivor,...
Developing - Script / Screenplay
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Developing – Script / Screenplay

As Daron develops several old 35mm rolls of film, he discovers links to the past, present, and future. Synopsis: Daron shares with his wife Sarah...