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Calling all short film projects
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Want a hint? Think Western.


La fiebre del oro del sábado por la noche

Tras la persecución de unos falsos exploradores, un detective debe analizar una de las escenas del crimen que han dejado atrás estos malhechores.



Western spaghetti

Un western tout ce qu'il y a de plus classique. Mais qui se passe dans une cuisine. Avec du sel à la place de pistolets. Et parlant de spaghettis.


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How it works?

Submit your short film screenplay and see it come to life with your community in three steps: Upload it, share it and make it. To all movie lovers: vote and share your favorite stories.

Screenplay length

15 pages minimum and 15 pages maximum.

Style, theme or reference

Western (in the very broad sense). The film must contain a reference to the Western or include this genre fully.


  • The action takes place in present time
  • The film takes place in one location. If necessary, 5 shooting sets maximum in the same place.
  • The plot has to include a betrayal that changes lives
  • No more than 20 actors, extras included.


Elements to provide for uploading your project

  1. A hook (20 to 150 characters)
  2. A synopsis (500 to 1500 characters)
  3. A screenplay
  4. A cover letter (1500 to 4500 characters)
  5. A series of visual aids as reference (a main photo and four additional photos)
  6. A musical style reference (links to a music streaming site)
  7. A mini-bio of the author or the collective

Six winners

The 20 screenplays with the most votes will be submitted to the jury, which will choose the six winners. The screenplays with the most votes will enter the yard of 20: You must have at least 500 likes. The six winning short films will be produced and compiled into a feature film that will be shown in cinemas.

The more votes you get, the more chances you have to see your short film become a movie!

To consult the terms and conditions for participation of the Boostyour15pages contest, click here.

Key dates

  • February 9 to April 30, 2018: submission of projects
  • Mai 31, 2018: closing dates for public votes
  • June 27, 2018: winners announced

The Jury

The sole object of this competition is to take your film to the big screen. The jury is made up of film professionals who are focused on emerging talent, bringing to the forefront a new type of cinema and independent productions. They fully believe that independent cinema must free itself from financial logic. If the barriers move, it is also thanks to their investment. It’s the public who decides, but the jury will consider the feasibility of each project. You do not know them? Click on their photo.