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Want a hint? Think Western.

Silhouette - Script / Screenplay
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Silhouette – Script / Screenplay

A innocent man murdered by his father for helping the slaves, curses “God” for allowing his father to kill him. Banished to hell, he...
Dreams and reality - Script / Screenplay
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Dreams and reality – Script / Screenplay

A modest woman suffers from the nightmares, where an armed man forces her to change image and rob a bank. Lisa a kind, shy woman...
The Blacc Rose Family - Script / Screenplay
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The Blacc Rose Family – Script / Screenplay

“Nothing should ever place fear in you.”, is the motto of ruthless drug king Blu rose. On the night of a drug deal, he...
Corruption - Script / Screenplay
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Corruption – Script / Screenplay

Imagine a time when world peace has been achieved threw a peace treaty. In the contract the only way to nullify the peace treaty...
Rainstorm - Script / Screenplay
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Rainstorm – Script / Screenplay

A heart wrenching inter racial love story between a young white Australian girl and an Indian orphan. The drama unfolds in Fiji in a Catholic...
The Neighbor - Script / Screenplay
163 2 0

The Neighbor – Script / Screenplay

The laws of the ten commandments are enforced, when Deacon Patrick Graves discovers his wife cheating, leading to a gruesome murder. He goes on...

The Good, the Bad and the Western

Cowboys chasing Indians, a betrayal, a gunfight or redemption. That smells like a Western. How do you like yours? We at Boostyourfilm love the Western,...

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