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ORBS - Script / Screenplay
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ORBS – Script / Screenplay

“Orbs” is written along the lines of films such as “Skinwalker Ranch” ad “Extraterrestrial”. The story is about a German farmer named Heimbrecht, who is...
Soulful conversation - Script / Screenplay
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Soulful conversation – Script / Screenplay

An unusual dealer involves a young couple in a strange deal. Synopsis: A non-religious woman regards with humor an unexpected offer to sell her husband's...
Breadcrumbs - Script / Screenplay
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Breadcrumbs – Script / Screenplay

Alec, an aspiring writer, seeks to know more information about his sister's sudden death, when he finds out things aren't exactly how they seem. Alec,...
The Neighbor - Script / Screenplay
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The Neighbor – Script / Screenplay

The laws of the ten commandments are enforced, when Deacon Patrick Graves discovers his wife cheating, leading to a gruesome murder. He goes on...
La rayure (Scratched) script screenplay Drehbuch guiones
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La rayure (Scratched) script

Claire turns off the engine and bends towards the glove box. She opens it and grasps a gun. She holds it in both hands...
Slow Hot Wind - Script / Screenplay
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Slow Hot Wind – Script / Screenplay

“Slow hot Wind” is a poignant feature about a man who gets an explosive look behind the curtain of dubious financing methods concerning Alberta’s oil...

The contest stops: explanations

It is with great sadness that we announce the end of the Boostyour15pages contest without being able to finish this adventure with you. We have...